Step-by-step photo series – Part II

Last week, I introduced this series of posts about the complete Behind the Scenes of the production of a full photo series entitled “Ready made“.

After building the props, today we will look into the shoot of the first photo of that series. The location scouting was made thanks to a friend who sent pictures of his living room, on my phone (yes, one needs to use modern technology available via smartphones!)

The images that were provided to me are below (please note that they are not retouched, just raw, so you can see exactly what I started with).


Picture 1 of 2

From that brief, I set up the lights with a very large overhead with a profoto AcuteB 600 and a 60x90cm softbox to light the scene evenly, a fill light close to camera axis, and a Nikon SB-900 speedlight triggered by the integrated Nikon wireless system, which I placed in the box in order to achieve the little trick I was looking for.


Picture 1 of 5

And finally, after tweaking the set so that every accessory was in the right position, we began lighting tests! As a bonus, below you will find a funny stop-motion short film created with the pre-light images!

Hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for the next post on post-production and the final first image! So, it’s still time to make a guess at why this series is called “Ready made”, any clues?



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