Step-by-step production of a photo series

Have you ever wondered what went into the preparation and execution of a photo series? All the thinking and planning involved?

After the “Becoming an Athlete” series completed last month (see the result here), I am working on a simpler (meaning less gear and logistics) portfolio photo series, entitled “Ready made”.

So if you’d like to know all the details of what needs to be planned, props that need to be built, for the step-by-step production of a portfolio photo series, this is the place! Make sure to subscribe to the RSS or email feed at the top right corner, or to follow on twitter or facebook not to miss the following episodes of this series!


Today, I just finished building the main prop for the series: yes, this is a white cube, you got it right! Wondering why and how this is going to be used? Stay tuned! More in the next post with the actual shoot for the first photo of the series…

The next episodes will include:

  • The behind the scenes of the shoot
  • Post production
  • Any location scouting if they are necessary, and
  • A recap with the final images and concept for the title.

Still wondering why this is called “Ready made”? What is your guess? I’d love to know… so fire away in the comments below!


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