EISA Maestro France Award, Photographer of the Year, 2012-2013

As good news never come alone, I am really glad to announce that I have won the EISA Maestro Award for France.

I was named Photographer of the Year, 2012-2013, for France, by the French jury selecting the winners for the prestigious European Imaging and Sound Association, and won 1st place in France for my personal series “Becoming an Athlete” that I shot earlier this year. This is very timely as well as this series ties in very well with the London 2012 Olympics happening right now! By the way, I am stoked that three of the athletes on this series compete in the Olympics this year. Let’s wish them the very best!

This prize follows by only a month a representation by Galerie Chipchop (see more details here) and a great campaign for Insitut Pasteur (stay tuned for large displays in the Fall all over France!). And wining 1st place for France allows me to enter the competition at the European level, with final results announced at the end of August!

So fingers crossed, and come back often for updates on the EISA Maestro competition for Europe!

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